Vegetable Storage


Commercial Vegetable Storage

The staff at Ron’s Refrigeration knows that you take every precaution to put a healthy vibrant product into storage and we have the knowledge and expertise to keep that crop in top condition to the processor the table. Whether you’re putting up a brand new storage or upgrading your existing one, Ron’s Refrigeration will help you get the most value for your investment. Our state of the art systems include all of the following features:

Prop Fans
Sprout Inhibiting Applications

Centurion Produce Storage Control Panel

Ozone Generators

Daylight Blockers

Centurion Storage Controlcenturion

  • Fast, flexible storage control panel
  • Precise to within 0.1°F
  • LCD Color touch screen for easy operation
  • Remote monitoring and Management via FREE web access
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Emergency alerts via telephone

The fastest and easiest to use storage control panel we’ve ever offered.

The Centurion is a microprocessor-based embedded system that precisely manages storage climates by controlling the fans, evaporative coolers, humidification, Co2, heaters, refrigeration equipment, and fresh air intake. Even in the most unfavorable external conditions, the Centurion can maintain temperatures within 0.1°F.

Simple. Using the LCD color touch screen, users can easily view current status of equipment operation, monitor and adjust system parameters. Menu driven makes navigation from screen to screen quick and simple.

Flexible. On-site history reports can log up to 37 different data points, with adjustable increments. Trend temperature graphs and event/failure log add to the extensive record keeping.

Fail-safe. Your crop is protected by temperature alarms, equipment safeties, and power disturbances. Isolation relays guard against spikes and surges reaching the computer board. An auxiliary low limit device adds protection against product freezing.

Convenient. Centurion Remote Access Software allows you to monitor and control your system remotely as if you were at the site. Supports Direct Connect / Dial-up / Wireless / Ethernet connections with Web browser access via the Internet.

Program Monitoring and Control Features:

  • Monitor and/or control relative humidity and the CO2 to the desired levels
  • 6 Types of Timed Runs
  • 2-Stage Humidity Control
  • Cooling and Heating Target Set points
  • Timed