Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Why is it important to install high efficiency filters?

A. Regular “throwaway” filters capture less than 10% of large particles in the air stream. Carrier high efficiency media air cleaners capture up to 99% of the small pollen, dust and mold spores which pass through your duct system. They also provide better system efficiency by maintaining a clean environment for your furnace and air conditioner to work in.

Q. I’ve never had my ductwork cleaned, when should I have this done?

A. Clean ducts are critical to maintaining system efficiency and indoor air quality. We recommend that your ducts be cleaned every 10 years. Our source capture process uses super efficient HEPA filters along with state of the art equipment to clean every portion of your home’s duct system.

Q. Why does a Carrier humidifier help me save on my heating bills?

A. A person’s comfort is dependent on not only temperature but also the moisture content in the air or humidity. You know that high humidity in the summer causes you to feel warmer than the actual temperature would dictate. By having a Carrier humidifier controlling humidity levels in your home, you’ll find that you can keep your thermostat set two to three degrees cooler and still feel comfortable, thus saving you energy.

Q. How do I start the process of replacing my home’s heating and cooling system?

A. Just call or stop into our office and request that a trained sales consultant visit your home to analyze your needs. We will listen to your questions and recommend solutions to make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Q. Why should I purchase my new home comfort system from Ron’s Refrigeration?

A. You do have a lot of choices. We believe we bring the following value-added items to your investment:

  • Established in business over 40 years
  • Fully bonded and insured for your protection
  • Carrier Authorized Dealer
  • 24-hour on call service
  • Many installation crews to get your job done with efficiency and care
  • Uniformed technicians and installers
  • Follow through from the first contact to Customer Survey’s to a special Referral Reward program
  • State of the art fabrication and installation equipment