Thermostats & Zoning



Thermostats and Zoning Controls

Some people like to dictate every nuance of their climate, from humidity to temperature.Some like to tinker with timing. Some like to specify preferences in eight different rooms. And some people simply want the temperature to stay where they put it. Which is why the Carrier line of thermostats and controls has something for everyone—including you.

Creating the perfect temperature in your home is just the beginning. Carrier’s Infinity® controls can direct an entire advanced home-comfort system to let you precisely manage your comfort, humidity, ventilation and air purification from one source. They even make scheduling a breeze.

INFINITY® SERIES CONTROLSCarrier Infinity Series Controls

The unrivaled capabilities of the Infinity control represent our highest degree of comfort management. This communicating control is designed exclusively for our Infinity system products and is the brains behind our ultra-efficient Greenspeed™ intelligence systems. What’s more, techno lovers will rejoice over the Infinity control’s energy management and remote access features.


PERFORMANCE® SERIESCarrier Performance Edge Thermostats

Carrier’s Performance series Edge® thermostats feature stylish, ultra-slim designs with easy-to-read screens and even easier-to-use interfaces. Available in programmable and non-programmable models, this line offers models to precisely adjust temperature and manage humidity, both of which are essential when creating a Hybrid Heat® system. These units can be used with either Performance™ or Comfort™ series systems.



If you like flexibility and the customized comfort of zoning, there are a number of reasons to zone right in on this series. It allows you to program temperature and humidity levels in 7 independent day cycles, with options for 2, 4 or 8 zones—all from one powerful control.



Whether you want a large or small screen, a programmable or non-programmable model, you’ll find an economical solution to what you’re looking for in our Comfort series.